Swift Serve Plated Meal Menu

We’ve got you covered. You’ve only got a limited time to feed your guests, but you want it to be special, and frankly, there isn’t time or space to send them through a Buffet line. Maybe it’s a Corporate or University Event with a Speaker. Perhaps there is another program to get to, and you’re running on a tight schedule. Or maybe it’s none of our business!

With this Program, your guests will enter the Dining Space to find their tables already set with their salad (perhaps a cold soup), individual or passed dessert, bread and butter and beverages. Our chefs will be plating up a hot entrée to be served at a moment’s notice… and there is no cooking on site, which saves on rental bills and opens up most any space that can accommodate your party.

*Please note that entrée pricing for a single plated entrée event is higher than a typical buffet because portion sizes are larger and sides are included. We’ll be happy to price out any entrée on our Buffet Menu for your event.